Porcelain Crowns at Our Spa

In this blog, I would like to shortly explain what porcelain crowns are and what kind of porcelain crowns we use at Visage Dental.

What are porcelain crowns?

Porcelain crowns have long been the cosmetic dentist’s best friend. There are a few reasons for that: we use crowns to restore worn, broken or damaged teeth. Also, we use them to repair teeth weakened by decay or root canal treatment or teeth that have large fillings.

Cosmetic crowns are placed to change the shape, size and the colour of teeth and to close any gaps between teeth.

Full porcelain crowns have replaced the old style of porcelain crowns which were fused to metal. Over time these crowns start to show the metal at the gum line. As a result, the appearance of your smile is not so favourable.

Full porcelain crowns have a translucency that allow it to reflect light very similar to our natural teeth. There are many different types of porcelain that vary in strength.

Porcelain crowns at Visage Dental

At Visage, we favour E-max crowns as these are often much thinner than other porcelain crowns. Thus, they allow for more natural translucency and beauty. Moreover, the high grade material also makes them extremely tough, durable and aesthetically pleasing. We work closely with an experienced dental lab who will digitally colour match your teeth to create a completely natural smile.

At Visage Dental, our team will ensure not only to give you a beautiful, natural smile, but also will provide you with highest comfort and spa-like relaxation.

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