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Anti-snoring night guard

The Sleepwell device can help you with snoring. It holds the patients mandible (bottom jaw) forward during sleep. Hence, this prevents the airway from closing, allowing air to pass freely into the lungs. As a result, this improves sleep quality and reduces the chance of apnoea’s.

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Sleepwell – is a clinically-proven treatment to help you with snoring

Sleepwell is our key product for the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnoea. What’s more, the Sleepwell is the most patient-friendly MAS on the market with a success rate of over 80% (in fully apnoeic patients). Also, it is the most technically advanced. Tested in a randomised controlled cross-over trial against CPAP and a placebo.

It is designed with internal splint fixing, allowing lips to close around the device to prevent dryness and/or excess salivation associated with other splints. High levels of patient comfort meant that during clinical trials over 98% of patients found the device acceptable.

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Key Benefits:

  • Internal fixings result in high patient comfort
  • Full-patient adjustment
  • Soft, slim-lined two-piece device meaning full lateral movement
  • Freedom of movement, reducing likelihood of appliance becoming dislodged
  • Mitigates potential TMJ stress (Open a new tab for more information)
  • Clinically proven and effective