Teeth Whitening
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Why choose Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening remains one of the most economical ways to enhance your smile.

Your smile creates an immediate, subconscious, visual impact on people you meet. Professional tooth whitening is an effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of your tooth’s surface.

There are a number of reasons why you might get your teeth whitened. Everyone is different; and just as our hair and skin colour vary, so do our teeth. Very few people have brilliant-white teeth, and our teeth can also become more discoloured as we get older.

Your teeth can also be stained on the surface by food and drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine and blackcurrant. Smoking can also stain teeth.

‘Calculus' or tartar can also affect the colour of your teeth. Some people may have staining under the surface, which can be caused by certain antibiotics or by tiny cracks in the teeth which take up stains.

All your Teeth Whitening Questions answered

How safe is it?

What are the side effects?

Who can offer it?

Can you whiten you teeth if you are pregnant or nursing?

Can a single tooth which has been root filled be whitened?

How long does teeth whitening last?

What happens if the teeth do not bleach evenly?

How will my teeth feel?

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Types of Teeth whitening

Home: Whitening gel is placed into custom made trays similar to a mouth guard. The tray is worn for 1 hour per day (day whitening) or between 6-8 hours (night whitening). We will take before photos and a shade guide.

In spa: This is done at our spa. After we have prepared your teeth and protected your gums. We place the gel onto your teeth and use an LED light to activate the gel. The appointment is 1.5 hours long. After this session you will need to wear custom made trays for 1 hour for 3 days to complete the whitening treatment. We will take before photos and a shade guide.

How long does it take?

Home: It can take anywhere between 2 & 12 weeks
In Spa:
The appointment is for 1.5 hours plus you will need to wear the custom trays for 1 hour per day for 3 days.

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Your teeth Whitening Journey


You will need an initial consultation with a dentist who will check if you are suitable for teeth whitening. They will go through the different teeth whitening options and help you decide on the best option for you.


Home whitening
A short appt will be made to take Impressions and then we will arrange a collection time between 1-7 days depending on the laboratory

In Spa
We will book a 1.5 hour appointment to carry out the whitening treatment


We will book a review appointment to take after photos and a final shade colour.

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