Proud to be more than ‘just another Dentist’ in Harpenden

We are more than ‘just another dentist’ in Harpenden. People generally love going to the Spa. The dentist, not so much – the smell, the fear of dental needles, the bright lights. We have done our best to make sure that your dental experience in our spa is as comfortable, relaxing and pleasant as possible. Please keep on reading to find out what makes us stand out from other dentists.

What makes us special

Here, at Visage Dental Spa, our team of experts will ensure that you are totally comfortable during your dental visit. Not only will we restore your dental health, but also you will be able to experience the upmost comfort.

Our ambience

We are proud of our ambience with beautiful décor, beautiful smells and a wonderful feeling of wellbeing and relaxation. We are a dentist that offers not only professional services at affordable prices, but also a unique spa experience using personalised entertainment choices and personal comforts.

Our team

Our team are friendly, polite and attentive and at all times we are focusing on you and your needs. We are all very empathetic. We listen to our clients’ needs and encourage them to talk to us and share with us any dental doubts or fears that they might possibly have. The Spa Coordinators will greet you when you arrive, assist you with our registration process and answer any questions you have before going through to your appointment.

How to contact us

To book your appointment or find out more information on our dental spa, please click on Contact Us above. I hope to see you soon in our spa!