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What are the benefits of a CBCT Scanner?

The Soredex Cranex 3D  (CBCT) scanner has a range of benefits for both our dental professionals and patients. For our dentists, these benefits include:
    • The scanner produces incredibly accurate and detailed images, which are extremely beneficial during the detection and diagnosis of oral health problems and structural abnormalities
    • Scanned images can be used to monitor the efficacy of treatment and can also aid in the planning of treatment
    • Dentists can use the detailed images to talk openly to patients about oral health conditions and more easily explain how treatment will work
    • CBCT scanners also improve accuracy and reduce the risk of mistakes, as they provide incredibly detailed images and allow dentists to assess the risk of a procedure or course of treatment
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Referral for CBCT/OPG Scan

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    Practice Details

    Referral Details TMJ SINUS ENDO
    Please select the area/s for CT scan: MaxillaMandible
    Imaging stent supplied by referring dentist? YesNo
    Imaging stent required? YesNo



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