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Dental Anxiety - Are you a nervous patient and fear the Dentist? - Visage Dental Spa Harpenden | Dentist | Whitening | Hygiene | Dentistry | Hertfordshire | Wheathampstead | St.Albans | Luton

As many as one in four people fear or dread the Dentist. Some wait until they have severe dental pain before seeing their Dentist which can make anxiety levels much worse.

Are you afraid of the Dentist mean can mean different things to different people. Maybe it’s the thought that treatment will hurt, or that the sounds and smells bring back bad memories from negative experiences as a child. Most dental fear is usually caused by past experiences, feeling vulnerable and the feeling of not being in control.

Visage Dental Spa we encourage any nervous clients to talk to us and tell us how they are feeling. They tell us what they are concerned about and in nearly all cases we can put their mind at rest because we are all very empathetic. Our entire team have been trained in how to handle nervous clients and we listen without judging and try our utmost to understand how you are feeling at all times.

Are you are a nervous about visiting the Dentist please read how the Team at Visage Dental Spa can help you reduce and, in some cases, overcome your dental anxiety:

* Our Team are all caring, friendly & empathetic

* We listen!

* We are clutter free & try to be as Dental Spa like as possible

* Our Dental Spa always smells lovely

* We always try to be on time

* We have modern tools & techniques

* We have lots of distraction techniques – chatting, personal TV and music choice

* We offer frequent breaks, can STOP at any time and work at YOUR speed

What else can you can do to overcome dental anxiety?

* Share your fears

* Eat well before an appointment

* Avoid caffeine and sugar as these do not promote a calming effect on the body

* Choose a low stress appointment time for you

* Make sure you allow enough time to arrive so you are not rushing

* Bring a friend or family member

* Choose your favourite TV show/music to relax to and enjoy during the appointment

* Focus on slow breathing, mindfulness & meditation

* Use your right-hand signal to stop us ANYTIME

Call us now for a friendly, informal and no obligation chat about how we can help you master your fear of Dentistry.

01582 715800
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