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Why Dental Hygiene is so important during Orthodontic Treatment - Visage Dental Spa Harpenden | Dentist | Whitening | Hygiene | Dentistry | Hertfordshire | Wheathampstead | St.Albans | Luton

Orthodontic treatment is becoming increasingly popular especially for adults. Braces are now much smaller, and newer technologies allow much faster and more comfortable treatment than their bulky ancestors. A major influencing factor in the gaining of popularity is the celebrity uptake. Many movie stars, sports and TV presenters are seen embracing their new straight smiles!

Maintaining good oral hygiene is important for everyone – but when you’re having orthodontic treatment, it’s even more critical. When you don’t maintain an effective oral hygiene routine, you can be more susceptible to gum disease/tooth decay/discoloration and staining.

Braces themselves don’t cause these issues, but since they create spaces that are difficult to clean, it may increase the chances of such things developing.

We offer specific orthodontic hygiene services at Visage Dental Spa for both children and adults. All our orthodontic hygiene services include bacteria and stain removal plus advice on brace care and diet to help achieve optimum results.

Ortho Junior £29.50 (children up to age 17)

This is perfect for children to have all the way through orthodontic treatment.

Ortho Blast £59.50 (children and adults).

This is prefect for adults to have all the way through orthodontic treatment and great for children to have once their braces are removed. It includes an air polish which removes staining.

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