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Are your teeth summer ready? - Visage Dental Hygiene Spa in Harpenden

Summer is all about family time, sandy beaches & feeling good.  With lots to smile about its essential that you make the best of your smile

Our Silver service hygiene appointment is just what you need to give you brighter teeth in a short space of time.

Our silver includes an air polish which is similar to a patio jet wash! It uses an air and water pressure to deliver a controlled stream of sodium bicarbonate through a special nozzle. Although it’s a very simple technique it’s also very effective. The combination of the pressurised jet of air, water and powder works to remove stains and plaque on teeth front and back of your teeth. The end result leaves your teeth spotlessly and beautifully polished restoring your teeth to their natural brightness and shine.

Air polishing is becoming a popular choice as the cost is lower than many other whitening options. It is very gentle as it generates no heat, sound, pressure, vibration and there is no need for anaesthesia.

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